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Andrew Devlin is a native New Yorker with over 15 years of experience in A/V, hospitality, and entertainment. After graduating from Haverford College, he found himself at Soundhouse Rentals, a fast-growing A/V rental company based in Brooklyn. Over his 8 years there he helped grow the company from small DJ-focused events to large-scale corporate productions for clients including Spotify, Nike, and Lululemon. A seasoned technician in his own right, Andrew has experience in stage managing, audio/video mixing, and lighting design as well as project management and production. He’s maintained a robust “night job” throughout, working in the Brooklyn music scene booking and promoting monthly events for over 1,000 guests. 

He founded Devlin’s in the middle of 2020 and a global downturn in the events industry. During a time of huge uncertainty and reliance on new technology, Devlin’s serves as a single point of contact to the A/V world. From coordinating small events, live streams, and video shoots, to larger productions and installations, Devlin’s remains nimble and focused on our client’s needs. By leveraging our network of vendors, artists, venues, and technicians, we can provide our clients exactly what they need for a given project. We combine a hospitality-focused attitude towards our clients with the technical ability to take on the most complex projects. We look forward to growing with you. 

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